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8203-E4A (IBM Power 520 Express) is power 6 and I think your system has got 8 memory slots (i.e 2 quads, each with 4 slots), the slots from 14 to 17 are installed with the dual inline memory modules (DIMMs) and the slots from 21-24 are empty, you can add another 16 GB by means of 4x4GB DIMMs and no need to replace the existing 4GB DIMMs with 8 GB. What slots to put memory in? | AnandTech Forums: Technology ... Just reading through my new P5B Deluxe manual and it does not indicate in what slots to place your ram memory for dual channel mode. Got 2 1GB ram sticks, matching pairs. In the past (asus, abit etc) the manual indicates to run in dual channel mode the sticks are to be place in the bays with matching colours. My laptop does not have a memory card slot.Where do i put my ...

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Is there a way to add more ram slots without a new mother ... Is there a way to add more ram slots without a new mother bo ... SubCategory=147&name=Desktop-Memory ... would be nice to put them to use. Computer only has 2 slots and even a couple of 512's are ... How To Install RAM: A Step-By-Step Guide | Digital Trends If your system is starting to show its age, a memory upgrade could be just the trick to rejuvenate its performance, and it's easy and budget-friendly. Here's how to install RAM for a quick upgrade.

Should fastest RAM be placed in the slot closest to processor or memory controller? If you have a mix of RAM devices with different speed capabilities on a motherboard, the memory bus will work on speed of the slowest memory. Then it does not matter which slot you put which memory. - Neeraj Sharma.

memory - Which slots are proper to install 2x8GB of RAM ... In usual case (when manual doesn’t have other explicit instructions) slots must be filled in following order . First slot of first channel (A1 in example) First slot of second channel (B1) How to correctly install computer memory. The memory modules are installed into matching banks, which are usually color-coded on the motherboard.

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How to Upgrade the RAM (Memory) on a Laptop Here is a step-by-step tutorial (with photos) on how to find the correct RAM upgrade for your laptop and how to physically install the memory.